Ganyah Co. Ltd. has been established in Chiang Mai, Thailand in 1994, renamed HMPC Co.Ltd. The Handmade Paper Co.Ltd. and specializes in Natural Paper and Paper Products. We are a European company and our products are focused on the Western market in design, packing and presentation.

Miss Daisy Paper Flowers is a Trademark of HMPC Co.Ltd. and specialises exclusively in paper flowers and scrap booking products.

Mailing Address:

HMPC Co.Ltd.

114/15 Thanthong 1,

T. Changpuak
Chiang Mai 50300,

Tel. (66)53-222 252       



Please use the CONTACT form and send us an enquiry for quotation or any information required. We apologize but the shopping cart feature is an integrateed part of the database program and cannot unfortunately be switched off BUT does not function in a way we can follow up.

The prices are not contained in this web site. As they depend on the quantities ordered, please forward your list if items for a quote or simply ask for a price list. All prices are EX-FACTORY and do not contain any type of transportation, handling or dispatch packing unless otherwise agreed upon.

The minimum order quantity for each item is listed with the price. These are due to production process and, especially for some like milled papers . An overall minimum order of 60.000 Thai Baht ( appr.US$ 1800.- or equivalent in other currency ) is a “CAN” not a “MUST”. We will take smaller orders if possible but bear in mind that certain transportation costs always arise, irrelevant of the volume of a shipment. This transportation cost makes smaller consignments relatively more expensive in the end.


All goods are standard wrapped or packed in cellophane, in most cases individually. Craft products and scrap booking are , if not otherwise requested, packed in Miss Daisy backer cards or appropriate packing. Usually with Eurohole display hanging.
This is generally both for presentation and protection of the goods. Also , some goods require labels or stickers, explaining some specifics (e.g.: products using ancient script have stickers explaining this script to the consumer) visibly attached outside on the cellophane.
We can apply your company's packing, stickers or barcode labels to goods, if you will send artwork and we will order these from our local printshop . Additionally arising costs for this are not included in the prices and will be charged separately . We will also be of help with artwork on request. Please consider that artwork and printing might take some time.

All orders require confirmation from both sides and an advance of usually 50% on confirmation.

Rest 50% on delivery to cargo resp. "ready for shipment".

Orders under 100.000 THB require full advance payment.

Please note that Thai Banks are somewhat "special" and the spelling and detail of transfer sheets by your bank must be accurate or transfers will be held without notifying you or us.

Under special circumstances L/C payment is available but order volume must at least be 2 Million THB to justify the local bureaucratic neccessities.

Note : timing for begin of production and shipping dates can be different .


We produce to order and delivery times are stated as an ESTIMATE with the quotation and / or order confirmation. Production begins with advance transfer.

Estimate means that under certain circumstances these times might be longer due to supply problems, which have become more frequent since the epidemic of 2019-22 as many suppliers have disappeared , or due to shortage of qualified staff (especially in crafts and paper flowers) which is due to the same reasons.

Also , especially handmade papers and products thereof, can be delayed in the rain season. Handmade papers require the sun to dry and an intense rain season can put timing at risk.

We are however in our own interest determined to keep as close to stated lead time as possible. A guarantee is unfortunately not possible.

The quoted delivery time does not include transportation time to destination.


All products are made of natural mulberry paper , which is lignite free, acid free, the pulp is always oxygen-bleached and the dye is non-toxic acc. to Eurotex rules.

We reserve the right to minor changes to products, especially carft and scrap booking and paper flowers. This can be due to supply problems as explained under delivery times, but do not alter the design, type , quality and appearance of an item. This could be for example a slightly different shape or size in paper flower stamen, colour shade differences from 1 production to another (this is almost normal in crafts, ALL PRODUCTS are handmade ) or similar minor changes. If this can create a problem to your company please do let us know in advance so we can inform you should this occur.


Unless otherwise requested, we do the packing here at our company, in standard boxes . Products and paper are individually or by set packed in cellobags, bubblewrap and/or packing paper . Any specific packing or units required , examples specific box sizes, unit cello packing, etc., should be requested at order. Additional costs for this may be charged.

Please do note that for a number of years ALL packi9ng materials have regularly risen in price and must equally be readjusted.

Alternatively we can deliver your goods to the Cargo Company and let them do the packing for you. The Cargo company will then add these fees to your cargo bill.

All documentation required is issued at the Cargo company and at customs. These contain Bill of Lading (sea freight) or AWB (airfreight) , Packing Lists, Shipping Invoices, Commercial Invoices , where necessary Certificate of Origin (inside EU not required) and Fumigation certificates (seafreight if palletted on wood pallets).
NOTE: if your country needs other than the quoted documents, such as specific FTA agreements , please let us know in advance, so we may inform the cargo and you will not be delayed for customs clearance.

Also please note for the US: there are very specific regulations for cargo here as well as at destination that considerably delay arrival, do take this into account.

We are cooperating with a Cargo Company, that has offices here in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and partners in most major ports around the world.  If there is no significant reason to change to another company on demand we will not as Thai customs demands certain company documents to be in the hands of the cargo company prior to shipping. Changing the cargo company delays shipping dates.
Generally we ship per sea freight. Paper products are volume goods and as such fairly heavy and bulky. Air freight is considerably more expensive and, other than for sampling or “quick-shots” for a trade show or such, does not make sense. The value of goods/ transportation costs ratio will make the overall purchase costs of your goods  much more expensive.
Unless otherwise agreed, all Transportation Costs are paid at destination COD. Transportation costs are not part of the purchase price. For specific Information on transportation costs please contact us . We will be happy to give you FOB quotes as well.

FOB = free on board (to port, all documentation prepaid)

C&F = Cost & Freight (includes FOB and freight to port of destination)

CIF = Cost, Insurance , Freight ( as C&F plus insurance , 2% of goods value)

D2D = Door to door (from factory to your company , all included)

Please do note that your port of destination raises landing costs , your local transporter will ask for handling and documentation costs, which differ and are at times substantial. Many freight fowarders offer an apparently very cheap cost&freight rate ,, then make up for the difference at destiunation to your utter surprise. We have absolutely no influence on anything happenning at port of destination. If you want to avoid this , please ask us or your own freight forwarder for D2D or at least landed conditions and compare.


All items and designs in this Product Catalog are Copyright of HMPC Co.Ltd. The Handmade Paper Company.

Ganyah Co.Ltd., Krafftworks. Miss Daisy and Double Dragon are Registered Trade Marks.


Any agreements that differ from the above conditions must be mutually agreed upon in writing.
All contracts, orders and agreements are subject to Thai Law, in case of occurrence to be handled in Chiang Mai.