Ganyah Co. Ltd. has been established in Chiang Mai, Thailand since 1994 and specializes in Natural Paper and Paper Products. We are a European company and our products are focused on the Western market in design, packing and presentation.

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Ganyah Co .Ltd.
114/15 Thanthong 1, T. Changpuak
Chiang Mai 50300, Thailand
Tel. (66)53-222 252, Fax (66)53-409 690

Linked/ Affiliated companies:  KRAFFTWORKS Int’l , Craft & Greeting Card Accessories and DOUBLE DRAGON Inc. , Sourcing and Trading from Southeast Asia are both Trademarks or part of this company .



Please simply use the shopping cart feature and click the appropriate items and quantities.When you are done you can see your list in ‘BASKET CONTENTS” , see top menu bar. NOTE : when forwarding this list it is not an order yet. We will send back a Pro Forma with prices and information after which you can decide to confirm or cancel.


The prices are not contained in this web site. As they depend on the quantities ordered, please forward your list if items for a quote or simply ask for a price list. All prices are EX-FACTORY and do not contain any type of transportation, handling or dispatch packing unless otherwise agreed upon.


The minimum orders for each item is listed with the prices. An overall minimum order of 60.000 Thai Baht ( appr.US$ 1800.- or equivalent in other currency ) is a “CAN” not a “MUST” regulation. We will take smaller orders but bear in mind that certain transportation costs always arise, irrelevant of the volume of a shipment. This transportation cost makes smaller consignments relatively more expensive.


All goods are standard wrapped or packed in cellophane, in most cases individually.
This is generally both for presentation and protection of the goods. Also , some goods require labels or stickers, explaining some specifics (e.g.: products using ancient script have stickers explaining this script to the consumer) visibly attached outside on the cellophane.
We can apply your own packing, stickers or barcode labels to goods, if you will send them or you order us to make them for you. The additional costs are not included in the price of the item. Please consider that artwork and printing might take some time.


If not otherwise agreed  all orders must be paid in advance. This is a standard procedure in Asia and unfortunately necessary, as we have no possibility to send COD or otherwise make sure worked orders are actually accepted after completion.
In any case you should send us a copy of your transfer sheet or a transfer no. from your bank to enable us to trace the funds. This can be necessary due to Thai Banking procedures. Work on your order will commence when we hold the TT confirmation.


As rule of thumb : a medium sized order with mixed products s.a. sheets, diaries, boxes, cards  will take no more than 4-6 weeks from arrival of  transfer to Cargo. The quoted delivery time does not include transportation time to destination.
PLEASE NOTE HOWEVER: naturally this delivery time depends on the order. We will inform you individually on enquiry or order, what specific delivery time can be expected. The delivery time is counted from arrival or confirmation of transfer to delivery of goods to Cargo.
The delivery time quoted is an estimate and is in general kept. However the Asian rain season , when heavy and with high humidity, can affect the production and drying time of paper, sometimes considerably. As all products are handmade to order, we depend with production on the readiness of this raw material. Please remember that your products are made in "cottage“ industries and not at a factory in the western sense.
In urgent cases: please do inform us of possible trade shows, etc, that depend on this particular order. We will then do our best to give it priority.



Unless otherwise requested, we do the packing here at our company, in our standard boxes , using Silica-Gel bags for protection against humidity.The advantage is that we can pack properly with the experience that we have with our own goods and can also estimate the volume of a shipment in advance. This helps to estimate shipping costs.
For smaller consignments this packing is free of charge and included in the overall order.
On larger consignments we charge the purchase price of the dispatch boxes. The Boxes used are heavy duty double corrugated cardboard and the measurements can be seen on the list of volumes and weights.
Alternatively we can deliver your goods to the Cargo Company and let them do the packing for you. The Cargo company will then add these fees to your cargo bill.


All documentation required is issued at the Cargo company in Bangkok and is usually checked for requirements there. These contain Bill of Lading (sea freight) or AWB (airfreight) , Packing Lists, Shipping Invoices, where necessary Certificate of Origin and Fumigation certificates.
NOTE: if your country needs other than the quoted documents, please let us know in advance, so we may inform the cargo and you will not be delayed for customs clearance.


We are cooperating with a Cargo Company, that has offices here in Chiang Mai, Bangkok and in most major ports around the world.  If there is no significant reason to change to another company on demand we will not as Thai customs defines certain company documents to be in the hands of the cargo company prior to shipping. Changing the cargo company delays shipping dates.
Generally we ship per sea freight. Paper products are volume goods and as such fairly heavy and bulky. Air freight is considerably more expensive and, other than for sampling or “quick-shots” for a trade show or such, does not make sense. The value of goods/ transportation costs ratio will make the overall purchase costs of your goods  much more expensive.
Unless otherwise agreed, all Transportation Costs are paid at destination COD. Transportation costs are not part of the purchase price. For specific Information on transportation costs please contact us .


All items and designs in this Catalog are Copyright of GANYAH CO. LTD., Saa-Style, GANYAH, KRAFFTWORKS, nature’s art and Double Dragon are Registered Trade Marks.


Any agreements that differ from the above conditions must be mutually agreed upon in writing.
All contracts, orders and agreements are subject to Thai Law, in case of occurrence to be handled in Chiang Mai.